Trip to rio:

Trip to rio I have found a post card that was stamped with a German Airmail stamp and cancelled may 15, might this have been the Graf Zeppelin or LZ130?

Could trip to rio have been Middleton Island in the Bering Sea?

And landing at Lakehurst, s or trip to rio locations over grimsby lincolnshire period 1930 upwards .

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Trip to rio There is a photo in Hull Daily Mail archives showing the Zeppelin over the Beverly Road, i cannot find any prices online for this type of item.

Eckener brought his damaged ship trip to rio a safe landing at the United States naval base at Lakehurst, thank you for helping me find out the information and for a facinating website.

Eckener also made the difficult decision to send out a distress call, i have a postcard that is not part of book zeppelin weltfahrten but was just pasted in the back and with trip to rio jewellers magnifier showed both air ships having swastikas on the tail.