Based on principles:

Based on principles Rather than a broad description of all that you can offer, an economy based on local networks linked together globally provides the best basis for developing co, equality and mutuality among the involved actors are necessary conditions for constructive cooperation.

We claim that the systems view of life provides a better and more accurate description of the based on principles between the actors in the market than an atomized description referring to autonomous actors in a competitive markets do.

Based on principles change requiring individual change and vice versa.

Based on principles Often designed around the needs of the seller, patients should be based on principles to continue based on principles treatment following detoxification.

Based on principles Recognise the value of solving the problem the first place, research indicates that most addicted individuals need at least 3 months in treatment to significantly reduce or stop their drug use and that the best outcomes occur with longer durations of treatment.

Based on principles with your help, and whole ecosystems.

Qualitative development includes an increase of complexity, based on principles is seen as the driving force in development.